Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategy: Why Your Office Matters & What You Can Do

Your office says a lot about your work culture. Isn’t it important to know if your workplace is conveying the wrong message about your company’s culture to potential employees?

What Your Workplace Says About Your Company

Is your space funky, colorful, or creative and does it utilize a myriad of new technology? This office style is typically associated with a company that prioritizes a more youthful workforce composed primarily of millennials. Does management have a personal, secluded corner or window office while other employees reside in cubicles? This layout would indicate a very hierarchical structure consumed by internal politics rather than a company focused on elevating its workforce. While both of these examples are general assumptions, it’s important to understand what message your workplace projects about your company and what impact it has on employee productivity.

Your office environment provides a valuable glimpse into your company’s brand and culture. Whether you have a multi-million-dollar budget for an amazing office, or simply want to make some small changes to your existing space, don’t take your office lightly. Give your team a workplace they love and provide the right environment for your talent to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Office Characteristics to Attract & Retain Top Talent

Top-Notch Facilities

Modern & comfortable office setting
Access to natural light
24h building access
Beverage Station (that's a given)
Kitchen amenities
Private breakout rooms & meeting spaces                                                                                                                     

Constructive Atmosphere

A setting that encourages networking e.g. common areas such as an indoor garden or green space are great at fostering collaboration.
A workplace that boosts productivity e.g. good noise insulation is hugely important for knowledge workers, especially if you are considering an open floor plan.
Healthy work stations e.g. standing desks can be a great perk for employees, especially if your company culture promotes a healthy workplace.

Highly Accessible Location

Convenient location for current & potential employees (consider their commute)                                                          
Access to highways
Ample parking and/or close proximity to public transportation
Many nearby amenities such as coffee shops, restaurants, etc.
Curb appeal
High-quality building that promotes security of employees

Putting Your Workforce First

A new location or an office revamp is not a random decision. There are many critical variables that need to be factored in, most of which involve your current and future workforce.

Understanding your workforce needs in terms of education, skills, and experience is crucial. This helps you to identify and compare the communities and labor pools that show the most promise. It’s important to conduct an initial needs assessment and meticulously research the communities that best fit your needs, keeping in mind all the variables that might influence your decision.

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