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Client Objectives

Mutual of Omaha Mortgage has been helping customers reach their financial goals since 1909. With locations in numerous cities across 24 states, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage was looking to grow its presence in Texas and expand into the Dallas-Fort Worth market.


Through a referral Cresa was introduced to Mutual of Omaha Mortgage as plans were being set to open its first office in Dallas in less than six months time. From day one, Cresa immediately understood the need for a flexible, short-term office solution that could serve as a base for Mutual of Omaha Mortgage to execute its operations, while also attaining its immediate business growth and recruitment expansion goals.

Cresa quickly worked to gather a variety of viable options based on location and business parameters, while also analyzing details and costs that would impact the decision making process. Mutual of Omaha Mortgage and Cresa toured ten options in an active sublease market before initiating negotiations between two candidates. Despite the process being relatively unencumbered, various business factors and considerations caused lease negotiations to go awry — leaving a short amount of time to proceed with a suitable and flexible office solution.

Cresa and Mutual of Omaha Mortgage continued to collaborate closely. While revisiting the market, a new opportunity was discovered. Through the trust established during their working relationship, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage virtually toured the new space as Cresa evaluated the option from physical and financial perspective. With time to spare, Cresa successfully negotiated a fully-furnished, move-in ready temporary incubator office space — a solution that could accommodate Mutual of Omaha Mortgage’s desired business growth and workforce expansion.

With five months of initial conversations with Cresa, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage was fully operational in Dallas.
Opening an office in a new city has many challenges, and our needs for this space were unique. It was evident from the start that Alex has an innate ability to understand current needs and, more importantly, anticipate future needs of the client. Through experience, acute market expertise and relationship management, Alex and his team were able to deliver beyond expectations. Simply put, Cresa provided a red-carpet experience from introduction to move-in day.
Chad Larkowski  |  Dallas Operations Manager
Mutual of Omaha Mortgage