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  • Engineering
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Client Objectives

Urbantech Consulting, a prominent civil engineering consulting firm, was looking to create a space that would set the company up to attract and retain talent for the next 20+ years.

• As the company grew, Urbantech added to their space, piece by piece, and the resulting office setup was not optimal for the team.

• Open to the idea of relocating to a new space, Urbantech engaged Cresa Toronto to facilitate the process.

• Cresa Toronto worked alongside Urbantech’s leadership team to conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of the company’s workforce, business objectives and office requirements.

• This allowed for a clear understanding of the financial, qualitative and quantitative needs when assessing whether to relocate, or to renew their current lease.


• Being a fully integrated, multi-service firm, as part of Cresa’s process, our in-house design team was engaged to assist in developing the conceptual plan and working closely with Urbantech to bring their vision to reality.

• By adhering to Cresa’s strategic process, which included multiple rounds of negotiation on a renewal proposal from their existing landlord, Urbantech ultimately decided to relocate to a new space at 3760 14th Avenue, taking approximately 11,000 SF.

• The new building was in close proximity to their existing building and the 407, and provided most importantly, the opportunity to transform its workplace and culture by creating a visionary, collaborative office.

• Additionally, Urbantech was able to benefit from corporate branding opportunities on the exterior of the building.

• By working with Cresa Toronto’s fully integrated team, Urbantech was enabled to realize its vision of creating a dynamic workplace consistent with its commitment to its clients, employees, and its corporate responsibility objectives.