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Client Objectives

Hitachi operated a facility in Charlotte, N.C. for their Specialty Continuous Inkjet Printer technology, which allows for printing on various surfaces including rough and three-dimensional surfaces. Their existing facility was functionally inadequately, although the physical location was convenient for the key employees operating at the facility, which was an important factor for the client to maintain.

Hitachi needed a real estate strategy and solution that would accommodate a myriad of operational functions including, training, processing, assembly, testing, storage and warehousing (for small parts and large equipment), and a significant space for office and administrative functions. Hitachi also needed a strategy for the long-term growth plan to add a separate ink R&D and lab function to their Charlotte operations in the future, which would require specialized facilities and build out.


We were able to develop and execute on the following two-part strategy.

Phase 1 - Relocation

  • Timeline and location. Accomplished strategy and goals from conception to move-in within a 12 month timeline and within 2 miles of previous location.
  • Cost saving and long-term control and stability. Achieved significant concessions and access to tenant improvement build-out funding from the landlord. Acquired long-term control of the premises through renewal options with rate caps in place.
  • Growth strategy. Phase 1, accommodated all initial operational requirements with plans for the addition of a separate R&D function in the future.

Phase 2 - R&D expansion

  • Separate specialized R&D facility requirement. Facility included lab space, a chemical blending room and specialized climate-sensitive storage.
  • Timeline and location. Delivered approximately 24 months after Phase 1 to accommodate Hitachi's timeline and a desired proximity within 2 miles of previous facility.
  • Zoning and life safety regulation process. Due to the nature of use, maintained a thorough and detailed process for required zoning and life safety regulations.