Marketing Your Sublease from a Distance

With the ability to show office space severely hampered by social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders, brokers are looking for practical solutions to keep moving deals forward. High-tech, virtual tour software such as Matterport, Fusion and Envisioneer, are commonly used in residential real estate, but can be costly and time-consuming. Tapping into easy-to-use tech and social media platforms is a great way to show space under current conditions. Read on for post-pandemic hacks to keep sublease marketing moving.


PDF Click Tours

Consider crafting an interactive PDF in which you can turn a floor plan and static images into a simple walk-through experience using targeted hyperlinks. You can also program links to Google Street View to showcase the surrounding neighborhood and entry experience. Make it a guided tour on a video conference call while sharing your screen or a self-guided tour by simply sending it via email. This solution works well for advisors who can’t get into a space, but have access to images already taken.

Sublease PDF Click Tour Demo
Live Video Walk-through Tips

If static pictures just won’t do and safe access to a building is available, smartphone apps like FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts allow you to conduct a live tour. This gives your audience the ability to direct the tour and ask questions. If you’re looking to get fancy, smartphones with 4K video capabilities paired with simple editing software (think iMovie, OpenShot and Lightworks) allow you to cut together a more polished presentation. Reduce camera shake with the help of a stabilizer or gimbal. Some inexpensive and easy-to use options include the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 and the Zhiyun Smooth 4. Pro tip: With an occupier’s user journey in mind, map out your route ahead of time and write a basic script to follow in describing the space.


Sublease Tour on a Smartphone



Get Your Space on the ‘Gram

We know that Instagram isn’t the social network of choice for B2B marketing, but the image-focused app hosts over 500 million active users a day who spend an average of 28 minute a day* on the platform.That’s a lot of audience and attention to leave on the tableAnd while it’s not a one-size fits all tool for marketing spaceit may be a good tool to reach TAMI-sector occupiers looking for design-forward offices. Upload existing assets as Storiesor upload the long-form video you created on the IGTV feature. 



Gathering and Editing Eye-Catching Images

If you can get safe access to a property, grab a camera and step into the role of photographer. A DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera is ideal for shooting quality photos of your space. For beginners, a Cannon Rebel or Nikon 3500 are cost-effective and user-friendly. Don’t have access to a fancy camera? No problem. Smartphone cameras with at least 12 megapixels make a solid substitute. Follow the below tips to take your images to the next level:


  • If you’re using a DSLR camera but not comfortable using the manual settings, try shooting on automatic which will default to the best settings for optimal exposure.
  • When using flash, be careful not to stand directly in front of something that will reflect the flash such as a window or TV screen.
  • Try to capture the entirety of a room by shooting photos from the far corner or door frame.
  • Position your camera at waist-level for more dramatic perspective. Shooting from eye-level can make spaces look too small.
  • Free apps like VSCOCanva and Fotor allow you to edit your photos right from your smartphone.
  • Don’t go overboard – the more natural, the better.
  • Boost brightness and contrast to make photos pop a bit.
  • Lift shadows in any poorly lit areas of the space.


*Source: Omnicore, January 25, 2020