More Than a Transaction: What Your Advisor Can Do for You Beyond the Lease Signing

There’s a common misconception that your real estate advisor's job is done once the lease is signed. Experts in the field know that this is far from the truth. Having the ability to build strong relationships is a vital component to the role, and that means advising our clients throughout the term of their lease, and ideally, beyond that. Whether it’s a three-year, five-year, or even longer commitment, many tenants need guidance during that time- and Cresa’s advisors are here to ensure that. Here’s a few ways our advisors assist their clients long after the lease is signed:


Making sure everything adds up

When you’ve received your tax and operating expense statements from your landlord, the numbers might seem off in comparison to previous statements. To make matters worse, many tenants simply sign the bill without actually reading through it, which leaves them vulnerable to potentially inaccurate overages. You should solicit input from your advisor and ask them to look at your statements to ensure that any increases, escalations, or other changes aren’t causing you to be overcharged by your landlord.


Get fresh

What functions well in your workspace one year might be tired and ready for a change a couple years later. Whether you’re looking to give your space a refresh, or you need to more efficiently utilize the office space you have, you don’t necessarily need to wait until the end of your lease to implement these changes. A good advisor should have some ideas on maximizing the efficiency of your footprint. Additionally, advisors cultivate relationships with reputable architects and furniture vendors who can help make your vision for your space come to life. In addition to pulling in additional resources, your advisor can also assist with the financial aspect, ensuring that you get competitive bids before you make any commitments.


Map it out

As your lease goes on, employee demographics may shift. Is your location still suiting them best? Do the majority of your staff members rely on public transportation, or do they drive to work? Cresa has technology and resources for assessing commuting patterns of your current workforce. These tools can be vital in evaluating how your location is serving your company best, and how a relocation would either hinder or benefit your team down the road.


Some advisors vanish into thin air once the ink on the lease is dry. But Cresa’s experienced team takes a different approach to maintaining relationships with their clients. As a tenant, you deserve knowledgeable and reliable assistance throughout the trajectory of your lease, and our team is here to provide that.