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Client Objectives

After purchasing Prestige Concrete, Preferred Materials streamlined their headcount and desired to do the same to their space. With underutilized and inefficient space, the goal was to find a new location, close to the existing location, so as not to disrupt the workforce. They also sought a modernization of their space and to correct adjacency issues.


Cresa’s space requirement program reflected that Preferred Materials could efficiently operate in 80% of their current square footage. Once established, all suitable submarkets were assessed and toured. Preferred Materials selected a great, first floor space in their current office park which allowed them total flexibility to relocate, since they were no longer tied to a lease expiration date. This choice also provided ease of access for all their subcontractors, clients and employees. Through proactive negotiations, Cresa was able to secure a hefty tenant improvement allowance, which covered all of Preferred Material’s build-out and some of their FF&E. Preferred Materials then chose to engage Cresa’s project management team to oversee their new office buildout and relocation, which was also covered by their tenant improvement allowance. The Cresa PM, general contractor, architect and property manager worked alongside the tenant to address every aspect of the build out and move to assure the job was thoroughly priced and within budget. A collaborative team approach between Preferred Materials, Cresa, the landlord and other team members, resulted in an attractive and innovative facility that can be continually adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of the tenant.
I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Castor and Gary Klein for our new office building. I had neither the time nor knowledge to handle this type of relocation. Sarah and Gary handled everything. They were a joy to deal with. Most of the time I was merely copied on events; as they took care of the entire contract and build out. I highly recommend their services for any type of office move or relocation.
Tony DiPietro  |  VPGM
Preferred Materials