Huge Savings Upon Lease Renewal

  • California Employers Association
  • 2,399 sq. ft.
  • Nonprofit
  • Sacramento
Services Provided
  • Transaction Management

client objectives and results

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Client Objectives

California Employers Association (CEA) had a desire to renew their current office lease with a goal of saving as much money on occupancy costs as possible. As such, there was a strong desire to take advantage of the market conditions that would allow for an early renegotiation of their existing lease obligation with the intent of lowering immediate costs and locking in at a more aggressive long-term rates.


John Roth with Cresa was retained by CEA to execute the negotiations and to implement the project to completion. By imposing market leverage on the Landlord, John Roth was able to renegotiate renewing the lease for an additional thirty-seven (37) months, under market; obtaining Free Months Rent; and bringing the Base Year on operating expenses forward.
John made the process quick, easy and convenient for me. Would recommend them to anyone looking to renew their lease or find a new work space.
Kim Parker Gusman  |  President/CEO
California Employers Association