Beyond the Transaction: Cresa Honors Team Members with Collaboration, Service and Memorial Awards

At Cresa, our employee recognition goes beyond square footage and revenue earnings. The following awards are based on collaboration, impact to the client and recognizing the team members who live into our culture and values each and every day.

Collaboration Award

The collaboration award goes to the project team that most exemplifies Cresa’s core values and the teamwork mentality that makes the company so exceptional. Congratulations to the insightsoftware team.

insightsoftware Team

Cresa Service Award

This is a truly special award that goes to people who above and beyond the call of duty, above and beyond the requirements of their job, in service to others and to Cresa.
Congratulations to this year’s recipients: Elizabeth Harding, Vice President, Market Operations and Sarah Wager, Vice President, Global Operations.

Jimmy Scancarella Award

Jimmy Scancarella Award

(Dennis Gralla, Lisa Murray, Jodi Mullins and Steve Schaumberg)

The Jimmy Scancarella Award was created in his honor to recognize and celebrate someone who exhibits the attributes that Jimmy was synonymous with during his 25 years as a partner at Cresa. Congratulations to Jodi Mullins, Finance Director, the recipient of this year’s award.

Jodi is an inspiration of kindness, enthusiasm, and selflessness. She is a trusted mentor to her colleagues and is well-known as the go-to person for heartfelt advice and genuine support which is always delivered thoughtfully and with grace. In her 8 years at Cresa, she has worked tirelessly through the numerous changes organizationally, within the real estate industry and in the state of the world - all the while standing up for what’s right with a positive authority and steadfast reliability. Jodi puts in endless hours to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently for those around her and always goes above and beyond what is necessary. She’s the first to volunteer, the first to offer a kind word, and the first to reach out. Jodi is, without question, someone you can count on – a definitive constant. If you have had the pleasure of meeting her, you know how her laugh and sense of humor have a way of lifting the atmosphere of a room. And just like Jimmy, she is always fun to be around.

Thank you, Jodi, for being everything that exemplifies what Jimmy stood for. We feel lucky to have you and hope you feel as celebrated and as special tonight as you make your coworkers and friends feel every day.

William Goade First Citizen Award

William Goade First Citizen Award

The William Goade First Citizen Award is a once-in-a-life time achievement award, given to individuals each year who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for Cresa over a long career with our organization. This is the highest honor we at Cresa can bestow.

Named after our founder and former Chairman and CEO, this award celebrates someone who:

  • Has the vision and focus to be an exceptional leader
  • Has the unwavering respect of their peers
  • Has a true sense of ownership in Cresa’s success and honors and upholds our values and our entrepreneurial culture- every single day
  • Is last, but not least, fun to work with

These last two years our industry and our company have been through monumental change and disruption Cresa was able to rise to those challenges and thrive. There are two individuals who played a huge part in making that possible. Both are strong and strategic leaders who enabled Cresa to make fast pivots when we needed to. They have both exhibited sharp intelligence, decisiveness and empathy as they led Cresa through the last two years. This year we were honored to present the William Goade First Citizen awards to Tom Birnbach, President, Vice Chairman and Gary Gregg, Managing Principal, Executive Chairman.