Cresa’s PM Team Instrumental in Delivering HQ Space for one of Oregon’s Oldest Non-Profits 

  • Boys and Girls Aid
  • 13,000 sq. ft.
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Client Objectives

Due to significant programmatic growth, one of Oregon’s oldest and most well-respected non-profits, Boys & Girls Aid (“BGA”), had outgrown their headquarters building, which served as administration space as well as temporary space for the after-school program. Due to the various functions, the organization determined for the future that it was best to split the after-school program and the administrative portion into two separate locations. As such, BGA selected two facilities to meet their respective needs. For the administration, HQ function, the objective was to create an open yet flexible work space, with plenty of natural light for staff, and a place that felt warm and inviting for incoming families and children.


Cresa’s project management team worked collaboratively with BGA’s executive management team to develop a plan, schedule and design of the new HQ. Simultaneously, Cresa PM quickly engaged with the landlord’s property management and construction teams to ensure that project objectives were understood, and deliverables were met. With a tight schedule, it was imperative that communication with all the various team members, and coordination between the trade partners was seamless. One of the top priorities for BGA was to have ample meeting space for their employees to engage with future families. The team developed a unique way of incorporating the Portland feel to the space, naming each meeting room for a Portland bridge with vinyl graphics depicting the respective bridge on the glass. The end results produced a fun, bright and colorful HQ space that provides for cross functional teams to collaborate and deliver solutions for the organization and the community as a whole.