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Client Objectives

Lionsgate, one of the largest independent television businesses in the world, has continued to grow at its headquarters in Santa Monica since the original lease we did with Artisan Entertainment in 1998. Lionsgate acquired Artisan and took over their lease which set in motion continuous expansion, both through organic growth and acquisitions. Over the next 20 years, we systematically took over virtually the entire building through a continuum of expansions and lease extensions which now span 10 lease amendments plus a sublease totaling 210,000 SF at 2700 Colorado.

In 2016, Lionsgate made another major acquisition with Starz and they wanted to integrate the operations into the same location as soon as possible for business continuity.


A major challenge occurred during the negotiations to expand into the last 100,000 SF that Viacom vacated in the western portion of the complex; another tenant purchased 2700/2600 Colorado for their own expansion causing a significant disruption in Lionsgate’s occupancy plan.

We were able to quickly change direction and entered negotiations with Jack Walter to expand into the complex across the street at 2834 Colorado which was under construction. Starz has just moved into the entire south building this month and Lionsgate now has further expansion rights on additional space in the larger north building. Lionsgate now has a footprint in Santa Monica of 270,000 SF.