Establishing a World-Class Headquarters

  • Cemex
  • 82,500 sq. ft.
  • Building Materials
  • Houston
Services Fournis
  • Gestion des transactions
  • Gestion de projet
Équipe Cresa
  • Sue Rogers
  • Steven Heal

Client Objectives

  • Cemex wanted to rebrand its US headquarters to something more fitting its global presence as an industry leader.
  • The client engaged Cresa to create a unique and collaborative work environment for its employees.
  • In addition, Cemex wanted to utilize their own product line in the construction of its space to highlight their versatility and act as a show room to prospective clients.


  • Cresa negotiated a new lease on behalf of the client to relocate into a new site and a yet to be constructed development.
  • As part of the agreement, Cemex’s landlord of 14 years would agree to constructing a brand new LEED Certified office development using only the client’s products.
  • Cresa also obtained multiple other incentives, including TI dollars, flexible lease terms and building signage, while delivering a high-end workspace that met the company’s vision.
  • The Houston Business Journal nominated this deal as a finalist for a Landmark Award for the best headquarters move in 2018.
Cemex Conference Room
Cemex Internal Staircase

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