Cresa Detroit
26300 Northwestern Highway
Southfield, MI 48076
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William Lichwalla, CPA
Managing Principal
248.223.3251 tel
Greg VanKirk, CPA
248.223.3395 tel


Formed in 1994, Cresa Detroit is an independent real estate consulting firm exclusively representing the interests of users of space for the corporate, manufacturing, healthcare, and public sectors.  Cresa Detroit brings dedicated industry expertise, independence, and market knowledge through a multidisciplinary team of professionals.

Cresa Detroit is an part of an international corporate real estate firm that exclusively represents tenants and specializes in the delivery of fully integrated real estate services. 

Cresa Detroit tailors sophisticated solutions to its clients, leveraging breadth and depth of expertise in program management, state and local tax, incentives, project feasibility, site selection/real estate, business operations, technology, debt capacity and project management.

  • Detroit Office Market

    Class A and B

    190,192,980 SF
    Avg. Lease Rate
    $17.70 Per SF

Market Insights


Jeff Atkins, CCM, CPE, LEED AP Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5314
Ellyn Barkley Senior Advisor, Consulting Services 248.603.5323
Ahmed Beasley Advisor, Project Management 248.603.5315
Chris Becker Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5226
Adam Burgess Vice President 248.375.7863
Mike Carl Vice President 248.603.5277
Gino Del Pup Senior Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5097
Kevin Donnelly Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5326
Eric Dumont Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5287
Tricia Dziegelewski Accounting Associate 248.603.5276
Mark Eckles, PE Senior Vice President, Project Management 513.744.4731
Andy Fountain Senior Advisor, Project Management 248.603.5088
Ron J Gantner Principal 248.603.5257
Joseph Gatliff Advisor, Broker 248-603-5042
Mike Genrich Senior Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5391
Erin George Senior Vice President, Account Management 248.223.3727
Cheryl Gilbert Administrative Assistant 248.603.5244
Joe Graf, PE Senior Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5336
Alisa Hammond Marketing Associate 248.603.5213
LaMerra Hobbs Administrative Assistant 248.603.5242
Erica Holton Vice President 248.603.5306
Sherri House Technology Associate 248.223.3242
Christa Jarnot Administrative Assistant 248.603.5296
Aimee Johnson Administrative Assistant 248.223.3549
William Lichwalla, CPA Managing Principal 248.223.3251
Vince Mannino Operations Manager 248.603.5361
John McCarroll, CPC, LEED AP Senior Advisor, Project Management 248.603.5385
Ryan Mollen Vice President 248.603.5389
Beth Pacurari Accounting Associate 248.603.5104
Rick Pifer Principal 248.223.3698
Lisa Pitt Advisor, Project Management 248.603.5271
Patrick Podges, LEED AP Senior Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5108
Brandon Podolski, JD Principal 248.223.3245
Ron Rotole Marketing Manager 248.603.5241
Bob Ruprich Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5094
Ashley Schefman Marketing Associate 248.603.5207
Sarah Selden Administrative Assistant 248.603.5293
Joe Siekirk, AIA Senior Vice President, Project Management 248.223.3588
Brian Smith Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5319
Scott Smith, LEED AP Senior Advisor, Project Management 248.603.5237
Tony Sorgi Senior Advisor, Sales Representative 248.603.5380
Jim Steiner Senior Advisor, Project Management 248.603.5106
Robert Stempien, AIA Senior Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5252
Mike Tarockoff Senior Advisor, Project Management 248.223.3375
Paul Theriault, PE Principal, Project Management 248.223.3380
Deanna Tyler Administrative Assistant 248.603.5132
Greg VanKirk, CPA Principal 248.223.3395
Alicia Washeleski Principal, Project Management 248.223.3811
Cyril Weems Senior Vice President, Project Management 248.603.5021
Paul Wills, AIA Principal, Project Management 248.223.3316
Jessica Zanetti Administrative Assistant 248.603.5103
Tom Zimmer Senior Vice President, Consulting Services 248.603.5371