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Client Objectives

EyeQ Monitoring needed to double their footprint as they continue to expand their presence in the video-monitoring vertical. They needed to stay in the Cumberland market finding a space that could support the demands of thier 24/7 opperations in a Class A building. 


After searching for areas in the Cumberland market, Cresa was able to assist EyeQ in finding a location for their new office HQ in a beautiful Class A building, enabling EyeQ to continue offering high-end asset companies 24-hour live video surveillance.

Brooks was able to help navigate the complexity of the buildout. In order to meet power requirements this included tapping into a generator that required extensive attention to detail in order to keep the price of the buildout under budget. Cresa assisted with Site Selection, RFPs and lease negotiations. 

They've been a great partner in thinking through the different pieces of the evolution of our business and how to proactively get us into the right space that was going to match what our needs were.
Markus Scott  |  CEO
EyeQ Monitoring