COVID-19 Assistance for Nonprofits and Small Businesses

Nonprofits and small businesses are especially vulnerable to the devastating effects of coronavirus (COVID-19), as many struggle to retain their workforce and maintain critical community services at this time. With our nonprofit and small business clients in mind, we are monitoring loan and grant programs that can help with disaster recovery. A number of programs listed below are specific to our New York City-based clients, however you can contact your local Cresa office for information on similar opportunities in your city or state.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Loan Assistance
NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund*
New York City Small Business Continuity Fund*
America's Small Business Development Centers
New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc.**
Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation

* For New York City Nonprofits and Small Businesses  **For New York State Nonprofits and Small Businesses

Download our full COVID-19 Advisory on nonprofit and small business relief programs. 

Assistance for Nonprofits and Small Businesses for COVID-19 Recovery

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