Trains, Bikes, and E-Scooters: How Bostonians Get to Work is Changing

Whether you work in downtown Boston or in the suburbs, it’s safe to say that you’re probably familiar with sitting in traffic. If you commute on the MBTA, you may know a thing or two about waiting for a disabled train. Traffic and transportation congestion is worse than ever in Boston. In fact, a recent survey published by MassINC reported that resentment levels towards traffic in Boston are so high that nearly two-thirds of participants believe “urgent action” needs to be taken. As a result, the city is working to consider less traditional ways of getting employees to work. Forget sitting in traffic- you may soon be commuting to work on an e-scooter.

The Old Guard

In the world of Boston commuters, there have always been two methods that reign supreme: driving and riding the T. But as the MBTA gets older and traffic gets worse, the way people think about their jobs continues to evolve- and not always for the better. According to MassINC, 30% of full-time workers would consider a job change in order to get a better commute. Statistics even show that 23% of participants within the 128 marketplace would consider relocating out of the area in general to avoid traffic issues. This issue will certainly affect the upcoming changes at the Woburn Mall, where 400 new Avalon apartments will bring in new residents. With an extensive backup at the 93/128 junction, the issue of commuting will only become even more significant.

The New Wave

Boston already has a huge commuter biking scene, which serves as both an eco-friendly and health-conscious method. For those who don’t own their own bike or don’t want to deal with storing it while they’re at the office, BlueBikes are a great way to get to work. And with National Bike to Work Week starting May 13, there’s no better time to get started! The city is also toying with introducing Bird and Lime scooters to alleviate crowded streets and trains. The two California-based companies recently rolled out 200 dock-less e-scooters in Brookline.

How This Affects You

As an employer, evaluating your team’s methods of commuting requires careful consideration because it determines what location best serves your company. This applies to all employers, whether you’re a start-up signing your first office lease, or an established company that’s been in the same location for the last decade. Commuting affects the livelihood of every single member of your staff- and can ultimately determine their loyalty to your company. While it’s expected that key C-suite employees often take precedence when deciding on an office location, in an increasingly competitive labor market, thinking toward the future is a vital tool. Your company’s livelihood is directly related to being able to strategically attract and retain employees. If your staff arrives to work upset with their commute and leave the office dreading it, are they truly able to enjoy their work experience and be productive?

If you’re looking to review how your location best serves your company, Cresa’s experienced team is there to support your decisions. In the meantime, you can catch us zipping down Congress Street on an e-scooter all summer!

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