Cascades - 1 Place Ville Marie

  • Cascades
  • 1 Place Ville Marie
Cresa Team
  • 3,492 sq. ft.
Cresa Office

client objectives and results

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Client Objectives

Cascades relies upon Cresa for its lease negotiations for its Montreal Office premises at 1 Place Ville Marie. Bruce Cowper of Cresa has represented Cascades for lease negotiations for its Montreal office location.

The objectives:

  • To analyze the costs and benefits of all relocation options in the Montreal downtown core office market.
  • To ensure that all costs were taken into account in the total occupancy cost comparison of the various options.
  • To negotiate a lease with flexibility and options in favor of the tenant.


Prior to signing a lease at favorable terms and conditions in 1 Place Ville Marie, Bruce Cowper conducted a thorough market analysis of all buildings that met Cascades criteria for selection at the time.
Over the years, as our space requirements have evolved, we continue to call upon Bruce Cowper and his team at Cresa for their specialized commercial real estate expertise, strategic professional approach and complete market knowledge.
Michael Guerra  |  Assistant Corporate Secretary
Cascades, Inc.