Cresa Guides the NFC Team through the Portland Real Estate Waters, Identifying and Negotiating a New HQ and 3 New Cafes in 12-month Period

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Client Objectives

The Nossa Familia team knows what they are great at: coffee and relationships. They knew they wanted a trusted partner to guide them through the complexity of expansion. Already a challenge in normal times, this was made more complex for a growing company looking for both retail AND industrial space, in a market with low vacancy rates.  Nossa is a HUGE proponent of partnerships, so their intent and interest were to partner with various ownership groups on their real estate, in order to deliver a collaborative, thoughtful café presence in Portland.


Cresa helped Nossa’s founder and team navigate the complex real estate landscape in Portland, resulting in a purchase of a new headquarters facility in Northwest Portland to accommodate current capacity and future growth, while also guiding the team through their retail location strategy, selecting and negotiating three new cafes spread across the city.  Nossa continues to be one of the sought-after coffee brands in one of the most competitive industries in Portland, and the result of their real estate is proving to provide just that! 
This has been a big year for Nossa Familia Coffee, with a hand full of CRUCIAL projects, including the securing a new + larger HQ and roasting facilities and finding ideal retail locations for our expansion plans. Not easy projects at the present time when the Portland Real Estate is super competitive and challenging. Blake played a KEY role in helping us negotiate the purchase of our building (3.5M+ transaction) that was super complex. More than once it appeared the deal was dead and Blake helped us through it all, working nights and weekends when necessary. I gotta say that I am glad to be 'just a coffee roaster' and felt fortunate to have such an experienced professional walking us through the process. He's also helped us find and negotiate 3 retail locations. His expertise has allowed us at Nossa Famila to do what we do best, knowing we had a super strong partner to guide us through the complexity of real estate transactions. Thank you, Blake!
Augusto Carneiro  |  Founder & Chief Friendship Officer
Nossa Familia