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Client Objectives

Hilman Group Canada is a long term Canadian company based out of the United States.

Hilman bought 2-3 Canadian businesses along the same vertical, which included 3 facilities in the GTA. This left Hilman with 7 locations across the GTA, which held approximately 500 employees.

The objective was to unite all locations into one space, or into one functional group. Cresa suggested an 8-month study and went through an analysis with a supply chain group to do a study of the network.The analysis concluded that if the right type of facility was out there, it made sense to consolidate into two facilities: one distribution and one production.



Consolidated 7 locations into 2 facilities. The manufacturing facility was merged into an existing space, and a new 385,000 SF facility was acquired to house Hilman’s distribution sector and head

Cresa assisted in aligning up the timing of Hilman’s 7 existing leases, so all locations could move on a similar time frame.

• Cost Savings: Cresa was able to negotiate a design build with expansion capabilities, including millions of dollars in tenant-specific upgrades in the best location possible.

• Integrated Services: Involved SDI for the design of offices in both GTA & Edmonton. Expected to be ready approximately October 2018.

• Upon completion, Cresa’s performance was recognized with a new opportunity to relocate Hilman’s facility in Edmonton, Alberta.