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Daniel Flinn
Managing Principal, Broker
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Managing Principal, Broker
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Matt Hermsen
Managing Principal, Broker
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Flinn Ferguson Cresa is a regional firm established in March 1995 for the sole purpose of exclusively representing tenants. We do not work for Landlords and we do not solicit listings on their behalf. Flinn Ferguson Cresa specializes in complex lease and space acquisition negotiations with a strategic process designed to maximize economic considerations on behalf of the tenant while successfully achieving their facility needs. We are located at 601 Union Street, in downtown Seattle and actively practice commercial real estate brokerage in every submarket of the Puget Sound, throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as nationwide. In addition to transaction management, Flinn Ferguson provides project management services.

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Parker Ferguson Managing Principal, Broker 206.264.6201
Daniel Flinn Managing Principal, Broker 206.264.6200
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Cameron Gellatly Associate 206.626.0892
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