Service Spotlight: Lab Optimization Planning

Efficient lab operations are critical to business continuity in the life sciences community. Now that the feeding frenzy of the Greater Boston life sciences market has slowed, many lab operators are reevaluating their space and workflows to ensure they’re making the most of their funding and square footage.

Our team at Cresa can help. With decades of experience working in lab operations and facilities management, our life sciences experts have the industry background and real estate perspective to identify costly inefficiencies and develop tailored solutions to help labs run at their best. This can be especially helpful for life sciences companies seeking to optimize their lab space while facing unique challenges in both structural constraints and operational pitfalls.


lab planning approach


While each lab optimization initiative will look different, our holistic process typically consists of both qualitative and quantitative assessments that uncover opportunities for layout improvements. We also study individual roles and workflows to understand the day-to-day experience of each team member and how it can be made more seamless and productive. Armed with these insights, Cresa’s lab planners develop innovative, adaptable, and user-centric recommendations to make your lab work for you.


lab optimization


For more information about Cresa’s lab planning and optimization services, contact our Life Sciences team.