Working Together in the Spirit of Giving


This is our office’s 4th year participating in the annual Christmas Family Adoption.  It is a real bonding experience for all of us to work together in choosing a family, shopping and wrapping gifts, and delivering to a family in our local community.

This year, a member of our leadership team extended the budget so that we were able to give two bicycles to the teenage boys!  While drinking homemade spiced cider at the office, with the fragrance of cinnamon and apples filled the office, we wrapped presents together and three members of the team built the bikes.  Our newest team member reached out to a family she has worked for, who contributed some gifts from their 8-year-old girl.

Cresa Portland - Gift wrapping 

This past Monday in the pouring rain, we hitched up the bikes and loaded up the presents and delivered to the family together.

Cresa Portland - delivering gifts  

We received this text message from the children's mother:

message from Yuni


From all of us to all of you:

We wish you the warmest and most joy-filled holiday season.  Take care of each other!


Cresa xmas logo






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