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Medical Solutions

  • Medical Solutions
  • 50,000 sq. ft.
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Client Objectives

Known for their award-winning culture, quality nurses, and unrivaled customer experience, Medical Solutions faced a need to quickly expand in their current building while also renewing their lease.

After having worked with an incumbent firm for years, Cresa was brought in to provide a key differentiator, its focus on tenant-friendly lease strategies, to the table as Medical Solutions' leadership interviewed firms to assist in the process. After an intense review of the client's historical and forecasted growth, Cresa advised Medical Solutions through best practices for not only securing the appropriate size space, but also advising on the appropriate amount of term to align with Medical Solutions' overall business goals.


After working with Cresa, Medical Solutions realized one consolidated lease within its headquarters office, sufficient Tenant Improvement dollars from the landlord to construct its expanded office space with additional funding for a significant rent credit, and the security to know that its real estate will not inhibit its continued growth as one of the country's top medical staffing firms.