Project Management

A new space means new opportunity. We are by your side, managing your build out needs to unlock your full workplace and workforce potential.

We build opportunity.

When your business evolves, the space it occupies needs to evolve, too. As exciting as change and all the things it promises are, finding a new business home is delicate, and if not done properly, expensive.

We partner with companies within diverse industries around the globe to help them create and occupy a new space that supports their business strategy — and manage all the complexities behind it. We take an integrated approach that gives you access to all of our services scaled to the scope of your project and managed through a single point of contact.

From the start we are by your side, protecting your interests and managing the entire process from ideation through relocation, including:

  • Workplace Strategy
  • Project Team Composition & Management
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Design/Construction
  • Installs
  • Relocation Management

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Latest Insights

November 30, 2018

Four Helpful Tips for Negotiating Your New Lease

As an occupier, you’re at an inherent disadvantage when negotiating your office lease. With the help of the right real estate professional, you’ll be provided with information that will enhance your ability to structure a more favorable agreement.
Project Management
March 1, 2018

Project Manager Whitepaper

Most leasing markets, variously describe the tact of negotiations as either a “landlords market” or a “tenants market.” The market continuously fluctuates between the two, driven by several factors, such as national economic volatility, local economic stability or specific local demographics, to mention a few.