Honoring Our Heroes: Cresa Launches "Valor" Employee Resource Group

At Cresa, we deeply value the contributions and sacrifices made by our Veterans, current service members, and all team members with military ties. Their dedication and commitment to our country inspire us daily, and we believe it’s time to give back and provide a platform for support, camaraderie and awareness. That’s why on this Veteran’s Day, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of our new employee resource group (ERG), “Valor.”


What is “Valor”? 

Valor is a community within Cresa designed to honor and support our Veterans, active-duty service members, military spouses and team members with military connections. This ERG, led by Christi Richter and Dustin Ferrell will serve as a hub of inclusivity, where we can share experiences, offer guidance, and extend a helping hand to those who have selflessly served our nation. 


Our Mission 

The mission of Valor is clear: to provide a supportive environment for our military-connected team members. We aim to foster a sense of belonging, facilitate personal and professional growth and most importantly create a space for members to thrive within the Cresa community. 


How Will Valor Support Its Members?

Valor will offer a range of resources and activities including:

Mentorship and networking: Connect with fellow Veterans and military-affiliated team members who can provide guidance and support in your career journey. 

Awareness and Education: We are committed to raising awareness about the unique challenges and opportunities that Veterans and military families face. Through workshops, seminars and events, Valor will help everyone at Cresa gain a deeper understanding of the military experience. As well as learn how skills gained in service can be directly translated into the commercial real estate industry. 

And more! As a brand-new platform, Valor will evolve over time as we learn from our team members how we can best support the community’s needs. 

Get Involved! 

We invite all Cresa team members who are Veterans, active-duty service members, military spouses or have military ties to join the Valor ERG. By coming together, we can make a lasting impact, both within our company and beyond. Contact Christi or Dustin to learn more. 

Stay Tuned 

Look out for upcoming announcements and events as we celebrate Veteran's Day and the launch of Valor. We encourage all team members to share their stories, express their support, and help us make Valor a thriving community. 

On this special day, we salute our heroes and express our heartfelt gratitude to all who have served. Together, with Valor, we can create a brighter, more inclusive future at Cresa. Thank you for your service and dedication!