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Client Objectives

TechniPower is a technical staffing firm that was contemplating relocating its headquarters.  
  • Current voice platform was antiquated with no Artificial Intelligence analytics
  • No text messaging to job candidates; Candidate response rate to voicemails was 10% - 20%
  • Difficult to monitor whether agents were asking specific sales-boosting questions.


Cresa helped TechniPower evaluate and select from three omnichannel communication platforms.

  • TechniPower selected the Dialpad communications platform
  • Text messaging fully integrated into the platform
  • Advanced features such as "conversational analytics" and "whisper mode" dramatically improve sales
  • Monthly revenue increased significantly using AI to easily search call transcripts for key sales phrases
  • Call-back response rate skyrocketed to over 70% through integration of text messaging
  • Dramatically improved closing rates due to features such as "whisper mode" to listen in and offer real-time suggestions
We were really impressed that our real estate firm could help transform our communications platform – especially with such impressive results! TechniPower's adoption of the Dialpad platform was a game-changer. Its integrated text messaging, AI analytics, and advanced features like 'whisper mode,' has allowed us to work through our sales cycle more effectively, making quicker and better decisions.
Dan LaStella  |  COO