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Client Objectives

The tech firm talentReef offers human resource software built specifically for the hourly workforce. In the growth stage, they kept overhead costs low by working in the basement of a building in Cherry Creek. As they outgrew their space, they took on subleases in the same building. The result was cost-effective, but also left their employees spread between seven office suites across five floors. 

In 2018, talentReef had grown to 220 employees. It was time for a change. They needed a strategic move that brought everyone together, helped to establish their culture and aided in their recruiting efforts, all while keeping costs low. 


In the end, talentReef took 39,618 SF at 950 17th Street. Their new downtown location provides employees with walkable amenities and more transportation options.  

To help reduce costs, Cresa found a building downtown with no other tech tenants, which gave them a leg-up in negotiations. Cresa also helped to source used-furniture, resulting in significant cost savings. 

The result is a mixed layout of open office with a benching concept, private offices and conference rooms that provides plenty of room for future growth. IA Interior Architecture designed the space to encourage collaboration, while also mitigating noise.