Cresa Teams Up with AK Preparedness

Cresa Teams Up with AK Preparedness to Provide Life Safety and Emergency Preparedness Training

Commercial real estate company Cresa has formed a strategic partnership with AK Preparedness, a nationwide life safety and emergency preparedness training consultant to provide its occupier clients with training for life safety and emergency preparedness practices.

For nearly 40 years, AK Preparedness has provided life safety training and developed all hazard emergency response plans for private industry clients and government agencies. Its current programs include both on-site and virtual training platforms.

“As more workers return to their offices after nearly two years, they are faced with a host of new protocols, comprising everything from wellness and smart building technology to safety and security,” said James A. Pirot, managing principal/project management at Cresa. “By partnering with AK Preparedness, we are able to offer office space users, as well as building owners and property managers, critical training in re-occupancy and life safety. Moreover, through virtual training, the platform provides a broader and repetitive application for companies, allowing employees the flexibility for remote working schedules which may not always align with a building’s compliance requirements for in-person training.”

AK Preparedness’ solutions span emergency response planning, training and technology tools. The company supports everything from single facilities through global portfolios, helping organizations design and deploy comprehensive, effective life safety programs.

“We’re honored to partner with Cresa,” said Rob French, AK’s principal. “Their commitment to best-in-class solutions and extremely high customer service makes this a natural alignment. We look forward to supporting their clients’ preparedness and risk mitigation programs.”


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