2023: Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Annual Report

The 2023 Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Annual Report underlines Cresa's unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. It showcases a series of initiatives and programs that underline the organization's dedication to embracing diversity at all levels.

Under the leadership of Greg Schementi, Cresa has reinforced its mission to not only acknowledge diversity as the right path but as a strategic imperative for growth and innovation. Cresa's approach, articulated through the DIBS pillars, focuses on increasing representation, advancing understanding of diversity, maintaining transparency in initiatives, and encouraging ownership in building an inclusive company culture.

The report highlights the introduction of Valor, a new Employee Resource Group (ERG) designed to support Cresa's military-connected team members. This initiative underscores Cresa's broader strategy to leverage the diverse experiences of its workforce to enhance service delivery and foster a culture of inclusivity.



Cresa's ERGs play a pivotal role in this strategy, offering platforms for employees with common identities and interests to support each other. These groups, including Cresa Cultures, Cresa PRISM, Women of Cresa, and Cresa Kindred, not only facilitate personal and professional growth but also contribute to the development of future diverse leaders within the company.

The report also emphasizes the importance of leadership in driving diversity and inclusion. Cresa's executive team, alongside the DIBS Executive Committee and ERG leaders, are at the forefront of these efforts, ensuring that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but actionable goals integrated into every aspect of the organization's operations.

The 2023 Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Annual Report from Cresa is more than a document; it is a testament to the company's journey towards creating a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace. By championing diversity, Cresa not only enhances its internal culture but also sets a new standard for the commercial real estate industry at large.

For a more in-depth exploration of Cresa's initiatives and achievements in diversity, inclusion, and belonging, the full report is available for review. This document serves as a comprehensive resource for understanding the company's strategies, programs and future directions in fostering an inclusive workplace that values and leverages diversity in all its forms.

Read the full report for a deeper insight into Cresa's dedication to diversity, inclusion, and belonging.