Assisting IGS Energy with Portfolio Operations

  • IGS Energy
  • 5,000 sq. ft.
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client objectives and results

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Client Objectives

  • Seeks a single source for maintaining real estate portfolio information.
  • Needs a tool that could be accessed by support services colleagues containing information regarding real estate locations.
  • Desires a real estate service provider that would partner with the organization in providing holistic guidance and assistance with the operations of the organization’s real estate.


  • Vālo: Cresa presented the Vālo location / administration tool that provides IGS Energy with a “Dashboard” tool enabling the organization to maintain and access critical real estate information for each location in a web-based platform.
  • Access: Because it’s web-based, the real estate leader is able to provide access to colleagues who need information or review information regarding the organization’s real estate portfolio.
  • Result: The organization’s real estate group is able to operate more efficiently and providing information ore timely to colleagues.
I can’t tell you how easy this (Vālo) has made my life… I’ve been working with three different spreadsheets to manage addresses, renewals, contracts, rent lease, etc. and the site has brought all of this together with one simple tool to streamline our lease process.

IGS Energy