Virtual Reality Technology Nears the Tipping Point to Disrupt Commercial Real Estate

Touring seemingly endless lists of properties searching for the right fit for a new corporate headquarters will soon be a relic of the past. Virtual and augmented reality technology is closing in on a tipping point that will bring it into every executive suite and commercial real estate office - replacing in-person tours with virtual experiences.

Virtual and augmented reality is changing the ways in which real estate is designed, constructed, marketed, fitted-out and used. Download to learn:

  • How does virtual reality technology apply to CRE
  • The difference between virtual and augmented reality - and why it matters
  • How VR is being used in CRE today - from project development to design/construction, leasing and sales, and property management
  • The impact on CRE in years to come
  • How much does VR technology cost to implement

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality image