Return to Office: The North American Nonprofit Perspective

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed commercial real estate, prompting office occupiers across all industries to reevaluate their workplace strategies.

This is also true for nonprofit organizations. Cresa’s Nonprofit Practice Group provides occupier-only corporate real estate services to nonprofit organizations around the world. To better understand your needs in the wake of COVID-19, we issued a survey to leaders of foundations, public charities, trade associations and a variety of other nonprofits. We have summarized the results of that survey in this report, Return to Office: The North American Nonprofit Perspective.

Our findings both confirm – and occasionally challenge – suspected industry trends, offering insight into the future of work as many nonprofits explore new, more effective ways of working. One consistent theme persists throughout the survey responses: hesitancy. Employees, having quickly adopted to new technology platforms and the flexibility created by remote work, are now hesitant to return to the office. Conversely, employers are hesitant to move toward hybrid or fully remote work models, fearing reduced collaboration and an erosion of office culture.

We will continue to track workplace trends as they evolve and leverage these insights to inform flexible real estate strategies that support your mission.

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