Lease Administration

It’s one of your greatest costs. But there’s a way to make sure your real estate portfolio is optimized for value, performance and low risk.

Overseen. Never overlooked.

One of your top three expenses is your real estate portfolio. It’s also likely the expense that can be reduced the most, but it also needs close management. We partner with occupiers exclusively to uncover their real estate portfolio’s hidden costs to optimize value.

How? We dedicate ourselves full time to your lease administration, so you can take control and have real-time oversight of all the details. We can supplement your current lease program — or completely replace it. Costs are reduced, savings are realized, mistakes are prevented, and regulations are complied with — we give occupiers an edge of expertise that is difficult to achieve in-house, including:

  • Real time information
  • Experienced team
  • Access to comprehensive portfolio data
  • Critical Date monitoring


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