Influencers In Marketing

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When you work in, say, commercial real estate finance, chances are good you will know at least something about research. Or sales. Likewise an office broker: there is a good chance he or she knows more than the average layperson about the retail asset class. However, there is one area of CRE that may not be as familiar to these people as it should be, which is marketing. To be sure, a CRE marketer has a certain skill set that does not translate well to sales or finance. But marketers are just as integral to the art and science of owning and managing real estate and should be acknowledged as so.

Alison Scott Joining Cresa four years ago, vice president of marketing Alison Scott serves as the liaison for more than 80 global offices. She won the 2017 Cresa Service Award given to the employee who added the most value to the company that year.

Initially, Scott found that the regional offices were not fully aligned with corporate’s marketing vision. She led the initiative to formalize Cresa’s marketing approach to ensure the collateral consistently adhered to corporate standards, developed corporate brand guidelines for each office, streamlined the process for creating/issuing marketing and PR materials and developed training for the marketing teams in different international locations. Scott managed a full brand refresh and new website completed in 2018. To lead this $1 million project, she collaborated with influencer groups to build consensus, including Cresa’s global board of directors, emerging leadership council and strategic leadership council, during the 24-month period.