Helping a Private Equity Firm Set Up Shop

  • RS Energy
  • 8,500 sq. ft.
Cresa Team Cresa Office

client objectives and results

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Client Objectives

  • After receiving private equity funding, RS Energy needed to quickly expand into key oil and gas markets throughout the US.
  • They wanted to establish a highly visible and nice office space for client interaction and internal collaboration.
  • RS Energy was also seeking to be in proximity to other private equity firms as well as upstream, midstream and downstream oil companies.


  • Cresa performed a comprehensive site selection analysis and determined the CBD was the optimal market to best meet the client’s business goals.
  • Following an extensive survey in the target market, Cresa identified a target building that offered a good balance of quality and ability to meet future growth needs.
  • RS Energy received a favorable lease with multiple options that provided flexibility throughout the term with a below market rental rate and a significant concession package.