Restarting Houston

With Texas fully reopened and new cases of COVID-19 on the decline locally, some companies face uncertainty on the path forward to reentering the workplace while keeping employees and clients safe and healthy.

The Greater Houston Partnership recently completed a survey of 133 key business leaders across the city to gauge their response, and the results show an increasing momentum across industry sectors to get people back in the workplace. Here are some of the key takeaways:

Restarting Houston Figures Graphic

Cresa can help position your organization for success post pandemic by optimizing your real estate to work better for you and your employees.
While it’s tempting to “wait and see” what transpires over the coming months, this is a critical time for your organization. We have outlined a Roadmap to Recovery which offers general guidance for the path forward.

Assess & Plan

• Assess efficacy of remote work program

• Monitor continued impacts of pandemic to operations and revenue

• Determine space needs moving forward


• Implement plans for re-entry and make required physical adjustments to work environment

• Implement and monitor the phased work scheduled

• Execute plan to enhance engagement with clients/customers/vendors


• Continue to monitor economic, functional and cultural effects on your organization

• Evaluate the challenges and virtues of your “new normal”

• Identify opportunities for strategic investments or operational modifications that support long-term growth

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