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Client Objectives

Logsdon Wilson Wealth Advisors is a North Texas based firm whose objective is to serve as a trusted financial partner to each of their clients. Through a previous business engagement, Logsdon Wilson Wealth Advisors approached Cresa with the need to relocate and expand from their existing space in order to pursue a commercial real estate opportunity that would better support their client-base, recruitment efforts and overall business growth plan.


Based on the results, Logsdon Wilson Wealth Advisors determined leasing was preferable, which allowed Cresa to offer LOIs and enter into lease negotiations between two sites. Ultimately the decision to pursue One Bethany West was made to secure optimal terms from a business, financial and geographic perspective. Cresa was able to negotiate a below market rental rate along with a significant abatement period and a turnkey tenant improvement allowance. While construction is taking place, Cresa assisted Logsdon Wilson Wealth Advisors with negotiating a short term serviced office space.
With a service-oriented approach and the highest professionalism, Alex provided excellent guidance and timely communication which helped facilitate our decision making process.
Tim L. Wilson, CFP  |  Co-Founder
Logsdon Wilson Wealth Advisors