Rothman Orthopaedic Consolidating, Relocating Center City Headquarters

Rothman Orthopaedic Institute is consolidating its Center City presence and relocating its headquarters one block east on Chestnut Street. 

The move will put administrative offices and clinical space under one roof, with a total of about 68,000 square feet all at 833 Chestnut St. Rothman expects to make the move in spring 2024. 

In its current set up, Rothman has 40,000 square feet at 925 Chestnut St., mostly made up of clinical space, and 34,000 square feet at 833 Chestnut St., mostly made up of administrative office space. Rothman has spent at least the past quarter-century at 925 Chestnut St., also known as the Old Federal Reserve Bank Building. 

Rothman's new lease for the additional 34,000 square feet at 833 Chestnut St. is for 15 years. The existing lease at 833 Chestnut St. was extended as well to put the two leases on the same timeline, said Cresa's Eric Pinchak, who represented Rothman in the lease. 


"Rothman Orthopaedics' decision to move its Center City (925 Chestnut St.) clinical and corporate services to 833 Chestnut St. is an exciting new move for our practice and one we made with our patients in mind," Rothman Interim COO Mayange Kane said in a statement. "By consolidating the corporate departments as well as our clinic, our patients can rest assure they will continue [to] receive the high-quality, affordable orthopedic care we are known for in this community."


Along with Pinchak, Cresa's Jeff Baker, Jonathan Marks and Mike Doetsch represented Rothman. 


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