Jeff Palmer

Jeffrey Palmer

Vice President, Project Management


Jeff has 20+ years of project management and leadership experience serving 300 clients that exceed more than 175 million dollars in projects ranging from executive office operations to the development and delivery of new space accommodations. Additionally, he has expertise in the move and change management of over 10,000 staff through integration activities, restack exercises, office relocations, downsizing, expansions, and more. Jeff’s leadership abilities to manage risk, build relationships, develop budgets and schedules, and manage cooperating teams complement his drive to create unique projects, that ensure repeat business of his clients and continued project success.


1 Fayette Street
Suite 100
Conshohocken, PA 19428



Art Institute of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Degree of Science – Interior Design

Key project accomplishments include the development of a 56,000 SF corporate hanger, consolidation of 44 offices in 1 year from an office integration, global project completion in all regions of the world, and leadership expertise to manage internal and external project teams.