How to have an open conversation with your landlord, property manager, or building owner

This webinar was hosted by Built Oregon.

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Built Oregon and its partners have been on the front line working to support Oregon consumer product companies in this troubling time. As part of that effort, we want to help founders make timely decisions about the direction their businesses need to stay open.

This "virtual resource" session is designed to help Oregon consumer product companies and retailers who carry their products through the challenges of the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

The focus of this session will be helping companies who rely on a physical presence — be that a retail space, a production facility, or a warehouse — and how they can best equip themselves for conversations with their landlord, property manager, or building owner.


  • Juan Barraza, Built Oregon Community Council member

Invited speakers

  • Aaron Holloway, Perkins Coie LLP
  • Blake St. Onge, Cresa
  • Michele Reeves, CIVILIS Consultants
  • Deldelp Medina, Black and Brown Founders