Toronto Workplace of the Future

Our managing principal, Jamie Grossman, was a panel speaker at Bisnow's event on the 'Toronto Workplace of the Future.' The conversation focused on what occupiers are looking for in a space/building.

The three biggest takeaways from the panel were:

1. Real estate is more than just a line item - it plays a crucial role in recruitment, culture and employee engagement. Therefore, occupiers are looking for more than just fit in terms of location, but also fit of the building, the lobby, the space itself and the ability to create a unique look/feel.

2. Work hours are no longer 9-5; as the line between work-life and home-life blurs, employees are demanding more amenities to suit their changing needs. It's not just coffee shops and flex spaces; its also more sophisticated demands like cyber security and building operations.

3. Spaces/buildings are being designed for millennials. But contrary to some schools of thought, millennials like having a desk that is theirs, and an office community they can be a part of. They want flexibility in how/when they work, and design concepts are increasingly accommodating this.  

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