From Complexity to Clarity: Data and Your Corporate Real Estate Portfolio

Financial decision makers often have many responsibilities. As a result, real estate is commonly treated on a reactive basis, driven by lease expiration or the need for additional space to accommodate head count growth.

When brought in by CFOs to analyze an existing corporate real estate portfolio, we’re often informed that the individuals responsible know little about it. Crucial information such as total square footage occupied, square feet per person and number of lease expirations occurring within the next 24 months is not being properly tracked or monitored.

Valo, a proprietary tech platform at Cresa, can be used to leverage data into actionable business intelligence, offering a consolidated, real-time view of a corporation’s real estate portfolio. Thanks to the ability to pull from multiple data sources, Valo tracks important real estate and occupancy metrics over time, highlights key dates and action items, and creates a centralized, accessible source for ongoing reporting and benchmarking. Using this technology provides financial decision makers with live updates on their portfolio, answers at their fingertips, and the ability to manage real estate from a proactive, knowledgeable standpoint. It also fosters greater transparency and collaboration between teams. Valo is one of several technological solutions that Cresa uses to empower the business leaders we serve.


Technology Samples


Portfolio Dashboard – What does the real estate portfolio look like?

Valo Dashboard


Key Dates – When are my leases expiring?

Valo Dashboard


Market Analysis – Where am I paying over market?

Valo Dashboard



About Cresa

Cresa is the largest firm to exclusively provide service to occupiers of commercial real estate in the world. We join our clients’ teams, working to align their business plans and their real estate needs, increase their productivity and consistently save them money – results that have earned us numerous awards along the way. Our team of real estate advisors, project managers, strategic planners, analysts and space planners listen to occupiers’ needs, meticulously research market conditions, firmly negotiate terms, and manage the design and construction of projects to customize the best possible occupancy solutions.