Werner Enterprises, Inc. - "Big Blue"

  • Werner Enterprises, Inc.
  • 125,000 sq. ft.
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Client Objectives

Werner Enterprises desired a real estate partner in assisting with the disposition of its Omaha warehouse portfolio in order to provide a debt-free source for an aggressive multi-market expansion initiative focused on strengthening its logistics network in several key markets.

The first assignment consisted of the disposition of a 125,000 square-foot warehouse/showroom facility commonly known as "Big Blue." After consulting with multiple firms, Werner selected Cresa to advise in the property disposition. Werner's key criteria in selecting Cresa was based primarily around Cresa's lack of allegiance to real estate investors and landlords, which allowed the Cresa team to effectively market the property without conflicts of interest.


After a short but intense global marketing campaign, Cresa achieved a disposition value of $9.4 million, approximately $2.5 million greater than what competing firms had initially anticipated, and within $25,000 of Cresa's pre-listing market analysis.
Eric takes the time to not only learn about our real estate needs, but also our overall business initiatives, as this level of expertise is vital to properly negotiating our projects.
Bill Luttrell  |  Director of Corporate Real Estate
Werner Enterprises, Inc.