Wellness in the Workplace

It’s no surprise that health insurance premiums are at an all-time high. In fact, in 2018 the average annual premium for employer-based family coverage rose 5% to $19,616 and for single coverage, premiums rose 3% to $6,896. With the skyrocketing price of health care, employers are recognizing that anything they can do to encourage physical and mental health in the workplace can be extremely beneficial.  Not only does promoting and investing in wellness initiatives within your organization minimize healthcare costs by keeping your team healthy, but it also has a positive effect on both your employees’ and company’s well-being.  Healthy employees improve company morale, and have been shown to increase productivity, performance, and team-building across the board.


With warmer weather finally on the horizon here in Boston, there are endless opportunities to get your office involved in a wellness initiative. Here are some ideas to promote healthy habits and behaviors in the city this summer:


Get Some Fresh Air

The Greenway Fitness Program, together with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, offers a wide range of free fitness classes during the summer months. From boot camps to yoga, and even spin bikes set up on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, these classes provide an affordable opportunity for folks to get out of their comfort zones and try a new class or activity.


Make your Commute a Workout

Boston and Cambridge been working to improve commuter safety by separating and highlighting bike lanes from moving vehicles. More landlords and co-working spaces are offering secure bicycle and scooter storage in their buildings, along with showers and locker rooms for tenant use. These incentives are making it easier for employees to choose healthier commuting methods to and from the office.


Encourage Mindfulness

Encouraging meditation and stress management techniques is another way to promote wellness in the workplace. Hosting a mental health professional to lead discussions on mindfulness practices can teach employees how to incorporate meditation into their everyday lives and decrease work-related stress.


Offer Healthy Snacks

Many companies are now providing healthier complimentary snack options in their break rooms. Companies such as Snack Nation and Amazon Fresh make it easy for employers to set up weekly or bi-weekly delivery services of fresh fruit and nutritious whole foods to the office.


The city of Boston offers a wide range of healthier lunch options, classes, and activities to individuals employed downtown. Each week there are free or affordable classes and activities available which make it easy to for companies to promote healthy habits and behaviors in the workplace. 


Cresa Boston’s Wellness Committee is dedicated to promoting healthy behaviors and providing an inclusive environment for its employees to participate in healthy activities and classes. You can catch the team enjoying some fun in the sun participating in a Greenway fitness class this summer!