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Set Your Sublease Apart: How to Find Success with Video & Photography

As organizations continue to evaluate their real estate needs and business goals, companies may decide to sublease some or all of their space. Over the last 2+ years, our team at Cresa has facilitated more subleases than ever before on behalf of our clients. To find success with subleasing in an oversaturated market, we’ve refined our approach and marketing strategy for different types of space and found impactful tools and platforms to leverage along the way. Here are a few tips to help differentiate your space with digital media and generate buzz around your sublease.


Multi-Pronged Approach

Before initiating any photo or video efforts, it’s important to develop a thoughtful purpose statement based on the attributes of your space. That message will become the foundation of a cohesive, multimedia marketing campaign so that your materials like fliers, virtual tours and photos all echo the same sentiments. For example, if your space has wellness amenities and a collaborative feel, be sure to weave that through all of your marketing materials.


Stand Out with Video

Photos are extremely valuable, but the use of video can help differentiate your offering and give potential tenants a feel for the space through modern interactive features. Especially in our hybrid world, a virtual tour is a valuable tool to showcase your space without having to coordinate physical tours.

**Pro Tip: remember to tidy up! Simple things like having clean desk surfaces, organizing wires and setting conference room chairs to the same height make a huge difference in presentation.**


Set the Right Scene + Highlight Amenities

Capture wide, establishing shots that show the exterior of the building and the surrounding area.

Follow these with close-up detail shots that highlight the unique features of the building and office space. Consider classic attributes like hardwood floors, exposed brick and high-quality furniture, as well as innovative aspects and decor such as living green walls or cool art.

Be sure to spend some time on any workplace or building amenities to emphasize the distinct value and employee experience. Food and beverage offerings, fitness space and diverse workspace options make for great video content.


Provide Neighborhood Context

If possible, use a drone, the common name for a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), to capture aerial footage. Be sure to use an insured, licensed professional with their Part 107 certification who is familiar with airspace restrictions. Anything within five nautical miles of Downtown Boston is in Class B airspace, which features tiered altitude ceilings and requires LAANC approval using an app like Kittyhawk.io. You can also point out nearby attractions such as restaurants, gyms, bars and green space to create additional buzz.

To demonstrate the quality of your space and stand out in today’s crowded market, it is crucial to develop a thoughtful presentation. Whether it’s for an upcoming sublease or sale, or just to present your company’s value to potential talent, digital media can add a dynamic and engaging layer to your campaign to help make a lasting impression.