Moving Offices? Avoid These 5 Common Blunders

In the corporate environment, many daily tasks take priority over real estate decisions. And rightly so – personnel matters, sales strategies, and long-term visioning are what build successful companies. Matters regarding our office spaces tend to fall to the bottom of our to-dos, and procrastination and de-prioritization can be especially strong when an office relocation is in the works. It’s completely understandable, given how stressful office moves can seem and the pressing nature of everything else we’re doing to grow our businesses.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be this way, and that paying attention to a few common errors companies make when relocating office spaces can relieve your stress in a dramatic way. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but here are five relocation pitfalls to avoid:


Failing to schedule ahead with your landlords — both old and new

Business moves fast, we know, and so do real estate decisions. But failing to properly inform both the management of the building you’re leaving and the one into which you’re moving may impact several logistical aspects of your move. Allow enough time for the owners to properly schedule security access, reserve freight elevators in both buildings, and approve after-hours building access, etc. It’s also just poor form as a tenant.


Failing to book a moving company far enough in advance

Many moving companies need at least 30 days’ notice to get your move day on their calendar, especially given that moves tend to take place on the weekend. Be sure to check this box well in advance to secure movers on the appropriate days and avoid fouling up the vacation of your current space.


Failing to realize your landlords’ union requirements

Boston and Cambridge landlords require union movers, so be sure to look into the requirements as you get quotes from moving companies.


Not finalizing the new office’s seating assignments

If a seating chart isn’t firmed up as moving crates arrive to be packed up, chaos can ensue with a lack of labeling and direction on where everything is going. This can be a great opportunity for your employees to purge unneeded items and supplies and start fresh in the new space without as much clutter.


Not thoroughly labeling the new space

Don’t expect the movers to know where things go if you didn’t give them the full plan in advance of the big day. The last thing you want is for employees to arrive at the new office on Monday morning with everything out of place.

For even more on avoiding stress during your office move, read through these tips from our colleagues in Poland.

Finally, we strongly recommend hiring a project management team from Cresa to make the move as efficient and smooth as possible…and get you back in business sooner!