Establishing a Data Center for Growth in a New Part of the World

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client objectives and results

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Client Objectives

MacStadium provides a cloud-based platform to build, test and manage macOS projects.  Expanding globally, the company needed to establish its first foothold in India to service existing customers and to attract new customers in the APAC region.

  • The company wanted to consider alternative geographies, including Singapore, if the network latency was acceptable
  • MacStadium sought assistance navigating potential shipping and customs challenges in India
  • New product releases and customer demand required a quick assessment and procurement process


Upon being engaged, Cresa evaluated Singapore, India and other countries to obtain competitive market bids and create context for decision-making.  6 vendors were compared in Singapore and 4 vendors in India.  Mumbai was chosen for its geographic desirability, lower operating costs and the quality of available data centers and their operators.  Specific successes:

  • Cresa negotiated over $235,000 in reduced charges over the contract term. 
  • Compared to the 2nd choice, the chosen colocation provider was $496,000 less expensive.
  • Cresa negotiated over $22,000 in reduced upfront charges for building the cage, AC circuits, cabinets, and PDUs. 
  • Non-economic terms:  Cresa negotiated key expansion rights that provide maximum flexibility and include exclusive use of its own data hall.
  • Non-economic terms:  Protection from being relocated, delay in the billing start date, and right to terminate for “chronic failure” of power, among others.
Thank you for your guidance during our search for a data center in Asia. The level of detail and breadth of information you gathered was exhaustive and saved us hours of time that we could instead focus on other important projects. We appreciated your expertise and wise counsel, especially going into a new region. Most importantly, we are confident in your loyal advocacy to pursue our best interests and really feel like you are part of the team. We look forward to working on future projects together.
Michael Landreth  |  CFO

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