Locating a 50,000 - 80,000 SF Industrial Facility with 20% Office Space

  • Kannar Earth Sciences
  • 57,621 sq. ft.
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Client Objectives

Kannar Earth Sciences designs and manufactures innovative seed coatings, synergistic fertilizer technology, and related crop inputs. Kannar’s industrial facility had limited distribution space with ventilation and water issues. Cresa was hired to help locate a new, 50,000 – 80,000 SF distribution center with 20% office space for the company to lease and move into before its peak season.


Cresa started the site selection process 12 months prior to Kannar’s lease expiration on its existing space. With spring and summer being the company’s peak times of business, Cresa faced a time limit to find new space that met all of Kannar’s requirements.

Cresa was able to locate a 57,621 SF manufacturing facility with 9,300 SF of office space in an ideal geographical location, approximately 4 miles from Kannar’s existing facility. The company was able to move into its space 5 months early to catch its clients’ busy season. The new space will support Kannar’s growth projections for at least 5 years, enabling the company to stay put and continue best serving its clients.

Kannar is growing at an exceptional speed, due to the talent of our lab team and the great relationships we have with seed distributors worldwide. We are very pleased with the Cresa team, and especially the hard work from Scott Clayton, to identify a new space that would accommodate our current and anticipated needs. Being able to relocate in time for our busiest season means we can help more growers meet their crop establishment needs.
Sam Cloete  |  President & CEO
Kannar Earth Sciences