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Client Objectives

KLDiscovery is a technology company that provides technology-enabled services and software to help law firms, corporations, government agencies, and consumers solve complex data challenges.  It processes highly sensitive information in its data centers.  In Slough, UK, it faced a particularly complex negotiation for its contract renewal.

  • Negotiate a relocation to a new building on a compressed timeframe
  • Minimize monthly charges, which were expected to increase dramatically 
  • Reduce upfront charges, expected to be significant


Upon being engaged, Cresa Business Technology Sourcing immediately obtained alternative market bids to create competition and context for decision-making.  Cresa also established clear communication of “Next Steps” and “Pros & Cons” at each decision point. Specific successes:

  • Negotiated over £480,000 in reduced monthly rent expenses
  • Achieved £130,000 in reduced upfront charges for building the cage, AC circuits, cabinets, and PDUs
  • Negotiated a short-term extension of the existing contract to avoid “double rent” while transitioning to the new cage
  • Saved IT personnel countless hours of time and quickly created certainty for the path forward so KLD could plan and budget for the following year


Thank you for your leadership during our data center negotiations in Slough. You brought stability and clarity to the Q&A sessions, contract execution, and all the other laborious tasks you took on to make this a smooth process. It always felt like this was your most important transaction. We are grateful we had you in our corner.
Dustin Allen  |  Vice President, Global IT