Castles Technology is a rapidly growing international FinTech company based out of Taiwan

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Client Objectives

Castles Technology (CT) needed a new space that would help them expand their North American headquarters. To expand properly, they needed both office and specialized warehouse space to secure success with the labor market amidst hiring. Keeping this in mind, the client needed to find a location that would have access to efficient distribution channels such as major highways. The main issue with the current space they occupied was that CT was growing quickly and outgrowing their current footprint. They desired to be as cost efficient as possible so that capital could be reinvested in the rapidly growing business and meet shareholder goals.


Cresa’s Andy Roberts was hired to identify a new space for CT within a tight market in order to ensure proximity to talent and distribution channels. This led the team to the space at 1065 Big Shanty Rd NW – Town Point III, where CT would be able to comfortably expand while being in a desirable location in the Kennesaw area. Cresa was able to work with CT’s current landlord prior to the move to successfully secure short-term space that would accommodate CT’s growing requirement until a permanent solution at a new location was available. Andy helped CT locate and secure an off-market location that was efficiently priced and mitigated TI work so the client could expand efficiently with minimal cost outlay.

In moving from their old space to a new and upgraded office and specialized warehouse space, Cresa was able to assist with Site Selection, RFP’s, lease negotiations through its Transaction Management service line. 

Cresa has been a great partner for Castles Technology and was instrumental in securing a new North American HQ location amidst our growth.
Winston Fong  |  CEO - North America
Castles Technology